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Customizable Under Sink Organizer

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Declutter & Organize The Under Sink Area In Just 10 Minutes

Increase storage space and stay organized with our under sink organizer.

Fully customizable and easy to install, you can adjust the length and height of the organizer to fit your personal storage needs.

Thanks to it's unique removable panels, the organizer works perfectly for any under sink area, even when there are multiple pipes in the way.

The under sink organizer is capable of storing items up to 59 lbs in weight, meaning you'll never have to worry about it collapsing under normal use case.

Say goodbye to cluttered under sink, lack of storage space and removing the entire stack just to get one item out.


Product Benefits:

  • Increase Storage Space – By utilizing the vertical space, the under sink organizer instantly triples your storage space and eliminates the hassle of removing the entire pot stack just to get one out.
  • Stay Organized 24/7 – The under sink organizer is a system that helps you manage and keep the under sink area neat and clutter free 24/7 without effort.
  • Works On All Under Sink – Adjust the rack's length and height to fit into under sink area. Choose from lengths between 15''- 26'' (40-70 cm) and shelf height between with increment of 4 cm and 11 height selections.
  • Removable Panels – Included in the package are 10 removable panels to adapt to any kitchen sink layout, easy to assemble, move and clean.
  • Sturdy & Durable – Made of high strength PP and stainless steel material, you can store heavy pot and pans of up to 50 lbs without the worry of it collapsing or breaking.



Material: Stainless Steel & PP

Length: 37 - 68 cm (14.8 - 26.8")

Width/Height: 25.5 cm (10") / 37.4 cm (14.8")

Height increment: (1.6")

Color: White

Here's what you're getting

- Side Frames x 2

- Partitions x 10

- Stainless Steel Connectors x 4

- Locking Screws x 8