About Us

Guys, wants to be out of the ordinary? You need the help of the fashion expert, We get the tips, fashion ideas, and many collections at Gatornew.com. A confident man should equip with clothing which fits his body shape and colors should work very well. How to style on all occasions: Just come and pick yours at Gatornew.

Our business started in 2010. firstly the products we sold are designed for Asian clients and established a reliable supply chain in the local. as competition increased and profits decreased, our boss decided to reach more foreign customers. The first failure we met is the size which is the foreign clients are stronger than Asians, so we have to adjust our production line for massive production. Things are going well in the following years. In 2016, we have recruited professional buyers With many years of experience in the fashion business. Three years later, with the help of developed internet technology, we have created our online web-Gatornew.

Gatornew has a group of staff who are Competent, professional, and experienced in this business. Every piece we sold is produced with faith and a good wish that every customer will love our clothing. What matters most for clothing? The material? The design? or the details? All matters for winning customer trusting. So our purchasing divisions have made strict standards. We will not work with any supplier once they can not meet our standards. The quality of the fabric is being guaranteed. We also keep eye on the Production Process to make sure every stitch of the product is perfect. Once the product reaches our warehouse, our photographer will prepare for taking the product photos where you can see on our web. That is part of our daily routine. As for the customers, you can always find the latest fashion idea on our web.

How we link our customers, not just by the products, but also the feeling behind. We want our customer can feel at ease and confident when he wears our garments. Every good company should consider the relationship with customers. A relationship only concern about the deal can not make a brand. Gatornew also wants to make a difference compared with other companies. Customer-first and quality-matters will be all member's motto. Environmental protection is also important for everyone. Gatornew will try its best to reduce pollution during the process of clothing production. In conclusion, we will take our responsibility to deliver our product and good wishes to all over the world, keeping up with the latest chic trend. Come here, to be the coolest man!

We will always do the following for our customer:
We offer sound price products with good quality.
We optimize your shopping experience with a detailed guide.
We offer non-discriminatory prices to everyone, wherever in the world you are;

Those are our commitment to our customers.